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 The path to the bigger picture

How can there be holes in 'complete' solutions in spite of solid concept work?

Process and application integration
Erroneous assumptions or procedures during the project work frequently result in missing functionality and gaps in integration that, all too often, are spotted too late.

It can be terribly complicated to stop or cancel an implementation that has been long in the planning. For this reason, implementations are often forced through regardless of known problems.
Result: Errors are solved under pressure and with possible follow-on effects. Any misjudgments here can have serious adverse effects on a company's business.

So what are the causes?
  • Over-ambitious requirements cause unnecessary complexity
  • Solution concepts not consolidated or lack detail
  • Premature implementation of a project where there is a lack of comprehensive consolidation activities
  • Complete lack of implementation scope, or tardy conception thereof
  • Insufficient integration management (processes, data, interfaces)
What can you do to protect against such issues?
  • Develop simple solution concepts
  • Process-oriented approach and forming of appropriate team structures
  • Systematic and methodic integration and project management
  • Problem management and continuous monitoring of progress

Technical integration
Integration technologies are used to achieve process and application integration.
In many cases, SAP systems and non-SAP systems need to be integrated.
We integrate all systems and applications using state of the art technology:
  • SAP interfaces for the connection of subsystems or special systems
  • SAP NetWeaver (ABAP, Web AS, ALE, XI, ITS, and so on)
  • BAPI/BAdI (for enhancements within SAP applications)
  • CIF (Core Interface SAP-ERP/SCM)
  • Various converter tools (ATOS, Seeburger, IM3, and so on)
  • Bespoke interface solutions on request