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 The roadmap
Management structures, core processes, and future strategies of a company are all input parameters that are used to define operational company structures. Planning, execution, and reporting of the business activities occur within hierarchical or matrix-oriented structures. Processes, data, and company structures are linked in defined relationships. In a sales context, for example, sales or turnover figures are collected for each product, according to market structures, and this information is fed into the sales planning control cycle.
Market structure, product structure, and time in the sales "planning room"

Clearly defined processes and company structures, synchronized with the information flows from current business activity, provide a lot of scope for improvement.

With these tasks in mind, our knowledge and experience make us a competent partner.
Modeling of company structures
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Product development
  • Production
  • Materials management/warehouse management
  • Shipping/transport
  • Financials/controlling

Implementation of a role-based organization (person-independent)
  • Standardization of work content per role
  • Definition of authorizations per role
  • Assignment of roles to persons, on position level, for example

Implementation of organizational changes (change management)
  • Analysis of the effects of changed work content in the affected organizational units
  • Analysis and evaluation of associated risks
  • Planning and execution of measures, determination of prerequisites for implementation
  • Training and implementation

Organizational projects are only successful if process changes affecting the organization are acted upon early enough!