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 Choosing the best team
All employees supplied by us are project managers, consultants, or developers with extensive experience. Each and every one is a specialist in his or her area, used to fulfilling their tasks independently and as part of a team.

Service categories:

Project manager (solution design, realization, and implementation)
  • Entire project
  • Subprojects
Consultant (application solutions, customizing, test, support)
  • Applications and modules
  • Processes, subprocesses, functions
  • Specialist areas
  • Application programming
  • Interface programming
  • Workflow programming
  • Data migration and archiving
  • Process documentation
  • Six Sigma quality management
  • Industrial engineering
  • Material flow and warehouse logistics
  • Various specialists available on request
The last 20 years has seen us build up a network of highly capable, efficient employees. It is this network that enables us to supply appropriately trained workers at the drop of a hat.