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Degreed engineer Harald Post, born in 1951, founded the company and is the principle shareholder.

H. Post has been involved in the design and optimization of business processes and the implementation of corresponding software packages (ERP and Supply Chain Management systems) since 1983. Prior to that, he was employed as a consultant and project manager for debis Systemhaus, in charge of the area PPS systems in Dortmund. He left in 1991 to set up as a freelance consultant, focusing on standard software.

Following a very successful period concentrating mainly on the SAP environment, H. Post started to build up a network of freelancers and allied consultancy firms. H. Post's ability to communicate easily with people, coupled with fast-developing, ever more complex requirements, were the trigger for this decision. Now, tasks and projects that would only have been possible with additional know how or capacity, could be mastered by collaborating with the partners in the network. The network continues to expand today.

The origins of the Compris company strategy can be traced back to the positives drawn from this 'networking'. The ethos is now characterized by long term relationships where trust plays an important role. While the initial focus was on logistics, the portfolio has been updated to include competencies such as financials, product lifecycle management, and business intelligence. Today, Compris can supply qualified personnel at short notice, even for larger projects.

After ten years as a self-employed contractor, H. Post founded Compris GmbH & Co. KG at the start of 2001 to better deal with an increase in business activity, which now included development of customer-specific solutions, and to give the company a firmer legal basis. Since then, Compris has continued to expand, both in terms of turnover and number of employees. ERP and SCM offerings are now supplemented with other equally important fields of expertise, allowing Compris to provide complete solutions from one supplier. Recommendations from customers and partners account for a portion of the contracts that Compris is awarded, with other work a result of relationships built up during project work.